Castle Holiday Breaks - worth £2,000

The winner of the Weekly Draw to be held on 2 March 2019 will be able to choose to book to stay for two nights over Mother’s Day 2019.

Buy your Triple or Ten Entry Ticket and answer the competition question correctly by midnight Friday 1 March to be eligible.

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Every week of Castle Competition, we will be holding a weekly draw to give away a 2 night break in Hadlow Tower for up to 4 people. Anyone who gets the competition question correct and buys a Triple Entry Ticket or Ten Entry ticket will be entered into the draw.

  • Triple Entry tickets will be entered 3 times every week for the next 3 weeks!

  • Ten Entry tickets will be entered 10 times every week for the next 10 weeks!

If you buy a Ten Entry Ticket, not only are you buying ten entries for the Main Prize but you also get up to an amazing 100 entries (10 entries x 10 weeks) to our weekly draw to win a 2 night stay in the tower for free!

Please note that a single entry ticket does not give you the chance to enter into the weekly draws.

Did you know that if you’re entering with a Triple or Ten entry ticket, and you get the answer correct, you will be entered into the Main Draw where you could win a cash prize, a villa in Grenada, or Hadlow Tower itself!

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At least one member of the party must be over the age of 25

Please note there are additional terms and conditions that all winners of the Castle Holiday Break prizes must agree to before they can claim their prize. The Castle Holiday Break terms and conditions can be found within the competition Terms and Conditions in section 6

If the closing date of the competition is less than 3 weeks after you purchase a Triple Entry ticket or less than ten weeks after you purchase a Ten Entry ticket then you will only get 3 or 10 entries, respectively, each week in the the remaining Weekly Draws.

Scroll down for a gallary

Ground Floor

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First Floor

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Second Floor

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Third Floor

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Fourth Floor & Mezzanine

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The Tower Above Accommodation

Please Note the Castle Holiday Breaks do not give access to the staircase above the top bathroom to the top of the tower. Access to the viewing platform at the top of the tower is only under supervision on Public Open Days