Important details

There are a number of significant conditions for participation in the competition       that all entrants should be made aware of.

As well as the main items below, the full terms and conditions are contained by clicking on the terms and conditions link at the bottom of each page. It is important all entrants read and agree to these terms and conditions before submitting their answer and payment.

Please Note

All Entrants should be aware that:

·       multiple entry tickets have limited availability and that ticket prices can change throughout the competition;

·       a £500 refundable damage deposit is required for winners of the weekly castle holiday break;

·       the tower comes with a covenant that it must be open to the public for 28 days a year until September 2023; and

·       the Caribbean villa winner needs to hold Alien Landholder’s licence in Grenada, and if they are unable to acquire one, they will have to forfeit the prize with no alternative on offer. The cost of applying for the licence will be covered by the Promoter and not by the winner.

Closing Date

OUR COMPETITION WILL END ON 3 DECEMBER 2019 (OR SOONER IF THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TICKETS ARE SOLD BEFORE THEN). It will not be possible to take part once the competition has closed and payment will not be taken.